Welcome to the Open Humanity Project

We're developing an open source model and framework for human wholeness

Here are some of the project's unique facets:

  • It covers the full range of human consciousness and experience, thus tying together recent gains and best practices in the areas of physiology, neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness and more.
  • It showcases that human wholeness is natural, and that the experience of unfulfillment is a symptom that can be healed.
  • A key working hypothesis of the project is that by healing the symptom of unfulfillment, that the healing of many seemingly intractable problems - individually, socially, and globally - can then take place.
  • It highlights the ways in which the various facets of consciousness and experience relate to one another, thus facilitating the creation of various tool-sets for further enhancing any aspect of consciousness or experience, or any combination of those aspects, together.
  • It will be licensed under a Creative Commons license, so that anyone can build upon it, or customize it, as long as attribution is provided.

If this sounds at all interesting - please sign up for updates as they become available.